Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We're happy to announce brand new ShakeReader Lite - sms reader

ShakeRecords - unique call recorder app

Call, shake, record, play. Unique, stylish and fast way to save your phone calls.       

Get it on Google Play 

Free version presentation (older version of Shake Records)

PRO version features (older version of Shake Records PRO)


Do you need sometimes to take a note during call? With ShakeRecords it's easy. And what is the difference?

  • Start and stop recording without touching the screen
  • Easily record only what you need
  • Start to record anytime during the call without interruption
  • Possibility of multiple records during one call

Anytime during a call just:

     1. Shake your phone - recording starts

     2. Speak.. bla bla bla

     3. Shake again or finish call.. your record shows automatically

Do more:

* make a note (PRO)   |   manage your records


* add status widget with record-all switch (PRO)   |   calibrate shake detection

* use different settings - record button, filter

* work, share, call, shake :)

We'd happy if you are satisfied and would like to donate a small amount for ShakeRecords app.