Why ShakeRecords

Get it on Google PlayHow ShakeRecords was born

I often call quite a lot these days: many friends, activities, hobbies, traveling often and doing a voluntary organizational work. I was often in need of a pen and paper when somebody was dictating an address, location, account number, some guide or any how-to-do-something steps.
I knew that there was a lot of other applications recording calls. But I wanted it my way.

Call records vs call notes

In such situation you can record the whole call. But I noticed, that my calls often last few minutes, mostly the ones which carried the desired information. That means after the call you would have to go through the long recording and search for your info. Hmm. 

So, why not to do it shorter? And if I have a smartphone, why do I have to push/search/select/start anything? There came the idea of a simple gesture, which would be used to trigger the recording, meaning the audio-call-note. So you don't have to touch the screen or do any other activity than the gesture. That turned out to be very useful also while driving, cycling, or simply caring anything in the other hand. You can even have your phone still next to your ear.

Long records

So that would solve the call notes. But sometimes, you'd want to have the whole call, for many reasons (in some situations it is even useful to hear once again how we reacted ;) Or if we call with a good friend and got a series of helpful advice. This is why ShakeRecords has the feature of automatic call recording. This is simply done by filter or a record-all mode. 

The Text-note feature

The call is finished, what would you need next? If you did record a call-note, you'd most often like get back to it. This is why ShakeRecords displays the shake triggered recordings automatically after the call. And next? Usual thing you'd want is to transform your voice to a text. So here is the Text-Pad. Easily displayed while listening and used for typing a note which can be than dialed (if it is a number), saved to contacts (if it is an address or a part of contact info) or shared to any of your (cloud) services.