Help (how to use)

Get it on Google PlayHow to record?
You can start a record when you dial a number or answer a call:

  • by shake: shake your phone during a call, dialing or ringing to start recording. When shake is detected, you will be notified by a notification in the status bar and a vibration: 2 times fast (for record-start) or 2 times slow (for record-stop).
    Note: "Enable shake detection" must be enabled in Settings and shake detection must be calibrated. Calibration can be also started from Settings. By default, shake detection is enabled.
  • using record button: 
    • In free version: it is displayed in status bar as a notofication when you are calling or receveing a call. When you open the notification area and select (touch) the notification, recording starts and start notification is displayed.
    • In PRO version: floating record button (Shake Recrods logo) is displayed on the screen. You can start to record by clicking this button. You can position the record button by draging it on the screen to desired position. The last position is saved.
      Note: "Show record button" feature must be enabled in Settings.
  • with filter: by adding a contact number in a filter, all outgoing and incoming calls from and to this number will be recorded automatically. (Main menu > Filter or Settings > Filter)
    Note: Number of filter numbers in free version is restricted.
  • in record-all mode all outgoing and incoming calls are recorded. To enable/disable this feature go to Settings > Record all calls
    Note:  PRO version only. To switch between ON/OFF you can also use widget available after unlocking the PRO version. This widget also displays the state of ShakkoAkoeRecords service (green dot for running and red for stopped service)
If you record by shake or by record button, you can make multiple records within one call. In this case after the call the last record is shown.
How to record in better quality?
On some phones it may be difficult to hear the other side in the recording. This is caused by the manufacturer's
software on your phone. Please try to:

  • turn on the loudspeaker while calling: This is often the most effective way to have a good quality both-sides recording on phones with problematic both-sides recording.
  • use different setting of Recording source: Settings > Recording source gives you a chance to experiment with the quality of the recordings. On some phones some of the settings may not work, may not have any effect or result in recording failure - in the last case please return the settings to the default (MICROPHONE).
  •  remember to repeat the important things you need to save: This may sound funny but actualy if the other side is dicating an address or a phone number, many people repeat that information anyway - this way you'll have your info saved.
How to stop recording a call?
Once you start a record it will be finished automatically when the call is finished. If you want to stop sooner, you can stop recording by a shake.

How to shake?

When using a shake detection feature to start or finish a recording, remember to:

  • hold your phone vertically - with the top towards the sky
  • shake 3 times - as repeatedly shows the short video during calibration
    Note: if you imagine knocking on the door 3 times with the phone in your hand, that would be one shake.
You can adjust shake detection sensitivity in Settings > Shake sensitivity. Select low sensitivity if you get unwanted shake-detections, or higher if you have to shake too sharply. If you experience troubles you can also try to re-calibrate: Settings > Calibration.  Despite that we're doing everything to make the shake detection feature perfect and reliable it might not work well on some phones. We'll appreciate your feedback and are ready to assist you at .

How to use Audio Notes?
To use audio notes, go to main menu and choose "Audio Notes"
To create an audio note (a voice record), you can:

  • Free version: touch the red record button in the Audio Notes screen. To finish recording, push the red button again.
  • PRO version: use the comfortable home-screen 1x1 "ShakeRecords Audio Notes" widget. To finish recording, you can press the widget again, or you can finish using the "stop" button in the main application (If you enter the main application while recording an audio note, the Audio Notes screen is displayed automatically).
    Note: recording widget is available in the PRO version.

How to archive records?
In case of large number of recordings, you can use Archive to archive selected recordings:

  • 1. Go to Main screen 
  • 2. Select multi-check option 
  • 3. Select or filter-out records you want to move to the archive
  • 4. Press archive option. Selected records will be moved to Archive  (Main menu > Archive)
  • 5. To unarchive items, go to Archive, select items to unarchive, and press the unarchive action
  • Note: Archive is available in the PRO version. 
Where are the recordings stored?
Recordings are stored on external storage of your phone, in 
shake_records folder. For security reasons, the filenames are not telling anything human-readable about the recordings.

How does ShakeRecords affect battery life?
ShakeRecords should not cause any significant shortage of battery life. The process of recording and shake-detection is optimized not to drain the battery of your phone during normal use.

May I record my calls?
Restrictions and/or obligations for recording calls differ for different countries. Usually your obligation is to announce 
to the other party that you are recording. Please make sure you follow corresponding legal restrictions that are valid for your country.

How does PIN protection work?
The PIN protection can be used for protecting the access to the application
and also as a protection of the records. Go to Settings > Activate app PIN lock and set your PIN. You will be asked to enter the PIN if you leave the app for more than 1 minute. It will be not possible to enter the application without correct PIN, however reinstallation of Shake Records might avoid the need for PIN.
To protect the recordings against unwanted listening within the Shake Records app, press and hold an item and select Protect with PIN. This kind of protection works within the application and does not give a protection if the audio file is used outside the app.
Note:  PRO version only.

How to Export audio files?
Exporting of audio files to a ZIP file is very easy. Multi-select items you want to export, and press the Export
button. You can set a password for AES encryption of the ZIP file or a custom name. The file will be stored in the Downloads directory on your device. You can directly share it, or view it if you have an app that can handle ZIP files. Note the notification in the notification area which you can again touch to share the exported file.
Note:  PRO version only.

What happends with records if I uninstall the app?
The records will not be touched and will NOT be deleted. You can still find the on the "external storage" of your device in the shake_records directory. It is recommended to use the EXPORT feature if you want to share, transfer or save all of your items securely and comfortably.